Benefits of Becoming an American Heart Association Instructor

From offices and schools to public events and shopping malls, there’s huge demand for people trained in first aid who can jump right in to assist in worst-case scenarios. Accidents, injuries, and health-related emergencies sometimes happen, and having someone on hand who is trained to assist can, at times literally, mean the difference between life and death.

People can become American Heart Association (AHA) instructors in:

If you are passionate about helping others, are looking to add to your monthly income or want to make a career change, then becoming an AHA instructor is something you should consider. There are many benefits of becoming an AHA instructor. As well as being able to potentially save lives as an individual, instructors can help to build a larger network of trained lifesavers. Here are some of the other benefits:

Earning Extra Income and Establishing Your Own Training Business

If you are looking for ways to supplement your income and would like to have your own training business, then consider becoming and AHA instructor, it’s a good way to make money while filling a legitimate need in your community. Teaching AHA courses can earn you hundreds of dollars per month. In addition, full-time salaried AHA instructor jobs are offered by hospitals, universities, and community centers.

“I have been an instructor with EMR since 2018. I began instructing part-time initially, which then quickly changed to full-time. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was able to become a small business owner and full-blown entrepreneur. EMR made it so easy for me, the employees are so helpful and walked me through everything. They are always available to answer any questions I have and provide guidance when I need it. The process of instructing and getting my equipment/ certifications is so easy and user-friendly. I am glad I am an instructor and even more glad that EMR is my training center!”  – EMR Instructor Summer Smith

Making a Positive Difference

Instructors provide the skills and training necessary for others to help in an emergency situation. Trainees gain the power to save lives within their workplaces, communities, and families.

Increasing Transferable Skills

Becoming an AHA instructor enables people to build public speaking, presentation, communication, and leadership skills, all of which are valuable in the workplace. Being an instructor can enhance a resume and provide a competitive edge in the job market.

Developing More Self-Confidence

Instructors must constantly work with new groups of people, made up of individuals of varying ages and from all walks of life. Instructors become more comfortable as they teach more classes, and self-confidence can flourish.

Additionally, instructors can help trainees to develop the necessary self-confidence to be able to act swiftly and competently in an emergency.

Fulfilling a Passion

People who are passionate about saving lives and making positive contributions to the community can gain plenty of personal satisfaction through being an AHA instructor.

How to Become an AHA Instructor

Becoming an AHA instructor is easy with EMR Safety & Health. In operation for four decades, EMR has built a solid reputation for quality training. We are the largest AHA Training Center in Texas, one of the largest in North America and we are accepting new instructors.

Individuals should already have up-to-date training and hold a current provider card in the area they wish to teach. They can then complete the AHA Essential Instructor Course online before progressing to the in-person instructor course for their chosen discipline.

A prospective instructor’s first class will be monitored by a member of the EMR Training Center Faculty. After successful training and class observations, an individual can become a qualified instructor and begin disseminating life-saving skills to others. Click here for the four easy steps to becoming an AHA Instructor.