• We transferred to EMR from another Training Center due to an interstate move. EMR has exceeded our expectations in customer service and responsiveness. As a for-profit business and AHA Training Site, the autonomy to issue cards directly to students is important to our clients. EMR has enabled PBCPR to expand our business and better serve our community.

    Shirlinda & PBCPR Staff

  • I have been an instructor with EMR since 2018. I began instructing part-time initially, which then quickly changed to full time. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was able to become a small business owner and full-blown entrepreneur. EMR made it so easy for me, the employees are so helpful and walked me through everything. They are always available to answer any questions I have and provide guidance when I need it. The process of instructing and getting my equipment/ certifications is so easy and user friendly. I am glad I am an instructor and even more glad that EMR is my training center!!!

    Summer Smith

  • We are truly grateful to the staff and instructors at EMR Safety & Health for the wonderful service they have provided to CPR Heart of Angels, LLC as an American Heart Association Training Site for the BLS, Heartsaver, ACLS, PALS, and PEARS disciplines over the past five years. We are continually pleased by their professionalism, patience, and overall excellence in customer service. CPR Heart of Angels, LLC is fortunate to have the background, expertise, and enthusiasm of EMR Safety & Health personnel as part of our team. We commend the staff and instructors at EMR Safety & Health and highly recommend them to all in need of an American Heart Association Training Center.

    CPR Heart of Angels, LLC

  • I have been an instructor with EMR for almost 2 years now and can honestly say that the EMR staff are some of the best people I know. No matter what the issue is they always respond and do their best to help you out. There has never been a time that I felt I was not a valued instructor with EMR. From the owner to the office staff they are the best of the best.

    Sylvia Pauley

  • I have been an Instructor with EMR for 2 years. I was aligned with another Training Center prior to my alignment with EMR. EMR exceeds my prior experiences in their customer service, issuing CAN numbers and e-cards for both students and Instructors, and as a valuable resource for any and all questions that anyone could possibly have as an Instructor. They made the process of becoming Training Center Faculty, a Training Site, and an E-card location effortless. They require the best FROM their Instructors as they provide the best TO their Instructors. While no one person or entity is perfect, I wouldn’t want to be aligned with anyone else!

    Machell Carnes

  • I became an AHA ACLS and PALS Instructor under the guidance of Sherrie Wilson at EMR Training Center in 2010. Quality work and friendliness is what you will receive from EMR. Holly, Michael and Anh are a few of the great staff at EMR that are always ready to answer questions and provide assistance when needed. As a Training Site, my company’s success depends on a quality Training Center that is dependable, knowledgeable and available. Emergency Management Resources is the right choice for my company.

    D Savoy

  • Thank you so much for the great training experience the past two days and the valuable chats. I appreciated your feedback and will definitely utilize the suggestions.

    Tracy Jones

  • EMR values their instructors. They make each instructor feel comfortable and loved. EMR is professional, efficient, and invested not only in their company but their instructors as well. They are simply the best hands down!!!

    Tanisha Leonard