Expand Your Teaching Portfolio with Safety Compliance Awareness Courses

Heath and workplace safety is a standard requirement for all organizations. The government dictates that employers must incorporate employee safety, health, and welfare measures into their businesses. Safety Compliance Awareness Training (S-CAT) is a new certification program offered by EMR Safety and Health. It is a great way for instructors to build their training portfolios so they can help students find a good job, advance in their careers, become safety leaders in the workplace and add more stability to their long-term employment.

The instructor courses that we currently offer are listed below and there are more coming. Classes are taught live in our EMR Online Training Studio. All the materials needed to teach the courses, including fact sheets, workbooks, curriculum, etc., are provided. The courses that we offer include:

Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) – General Industry:

Students will receive training on topics such as safety and health programs, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), electricity and lock-out tag-out, ergonomics and more.

Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) – Construction:

Students will receive training on topics such as avoidance, necessary control measures, hazard identification, confined space, fall protection and more.

Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) – OSHA and HIPAA for Healthcare:

Students will receive information on OSHA for Healthcare, Dental for Healthcare, Respiratory Protection for Healthcare N95 and HIPAA for Healthcare.

Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) – Active Shooter, Workplace Violence:

Students will learn how to act and react during an active shooter and/or workplace violence situation and how to maintain a safe environment.

Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) – Opioids:

Students will learn what an opioid overdose looks like and how to combat it. We will review commonly used terms, review prescription opioids and talk about prevention and response.

Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) – Babysitting:

Students will learn about babysitting tasks, duties, and responsibilities, what parents are looking for, what to do in an emergency, how to lead children and much more.

EMR Safety and Health has built a reputation for quality training. Becoming a professional S-CAT instructor with EMR is easy and fast. The course completion will allow you to establish your own training business or expand your existing one. Becoming an S-CAT instructor is an excellent way to make extra money, while filling a legitimate need in your community. Click here to learn more.