Free Mock Inspection Conducted by an OSHA Consultant when you sign your team up for one of our OSHA courses

Our OSHA Consultants pattern their mock inspections based on OSHA’s format, which means you will receive similar results in an official OSHA inspection, and by implementing suggested changes you may avoid potential penalties and fines. Many OSHA standards require that the employer train employees in specific safety and health aspects of their jobs. Safety training is vital for your employees to keep all workers safe on your worksite.

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    Upon conclusion of your free inspection, we will provide you with:

    • A detailed written report that highlights potential workplace hazards and violations
    • A walk-through of the steps you can take to avoid potential hazards that may cause a workplace incident or a violation
    • A customized training plan for you and your workers to identify and avoid workplace hazards on an ongoing basis
    • A report that you can provide to your insurance provider and management

    We will customize the course content based upon the results of your inspection. Our classes are offered onsite and live from our EMR Online Training Classroom. Submit your contact information and we will reach out to discuss your needs. Please note a minimum of ten students is required for customized onsite training and inspections. Click here for a full catalog of our OSHA classes.