OC1423 OPIOID Education for Non-Clinical Staff and Lay Responders – Online

The Opioid Education for Non-Clinical Staff and Lay Responders is designed to educate students on the basics of the opioid epidemic and recognition of an overdose. The course teaches participants how to respond to a possible overdose, including how to deliver naloxone and activate the emergency response system*. The course also offers information on the importance of treatment options post-overdose. This course covers adults only.

This course is a self-directed eLearning course taken online via the Web or a Learning Management System (LMS). No hands-on skills session is required.


This course is designed for management and employees in workplace settings, non-clinical hospital and healthcare staff, and the general public. This course is particularly important for family and friends of people who are taking opioid prescription medicine or those with addiction. This course is intended for US audiences only.

* Knowledge of how to perform CPR using high-quality chest compressions and early use of an AED is highly recommended before taking this course.