Why the Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) Instructor Course for Active Shooters and Workplace Violence is Essential

In recent times, acts of school and workplace violence involving active shooters have been on the rise across the USA. These occurrences not only threaten life, safety, and security, but they also undermine public confidence while emotionally destabilizing the communities affected. Teaching communities how to respond to active shooter workplace violence events helps build campus and workplace resilience by providing the skills necessary to prepare for and respond to violent incidents to minimize fatalities and injuries.

What is S-CAT Training – Active Shooter/Workplace Violence?

Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) is an EMR Safety and Health instructor certification program. In the S-CAT Active Shooter/Workplace Violence instructor course students learn how to teach their students how to act and react in case of an active shooter or workplace violence situation. Students also learn how to teach the steps necessary to maintain a safe environment. Once certified, instructors can teach the class to organizations in their communities. All of the class materials necessary to teach the course are included.

Benefits of S-CAT Training for Active Shooter/Workplace Violence

No institution or organization is immune to the threat of an active shooter terrorizing a workplace. The source of threats and violence could be internal or external and can occur anywhere, at any time, and often with no justifiable reason. It is now evident that a proactive stance should be taken to prevent violence from occurring. This S-CAT course is designed to teach students how to prevent, prepare for and respond to workplace violence events. The following are some of the benefits:

Provide peace of mind: Students and employees are worried about becoming victims of active assailants in their environments. A recent study reveals most people believe they are ill-equipped to handle an active shooter or workplace violence event should it occur. Providing S-CAT training gives students and employees the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need when faced with an unthinkable situation.

Help prevent incidents: Providing active shooter and workplace training also helps prevent incidents. When communities learn to recognize the warning signs, they will act proactively by informing managers and authorities, thus helping to avoid a disaster.

Reduces financial and legal liabilities: There is no doubt an active shooter or workplace incident can quickly become overwhelming for an organization. Recent statistics reveal that the annual cost to businesses of workplace violence in the U.S. was $130 billion in 2018, which could be higher today. These costs are related to medical bills and the costs of counseling survivors. Companies will need to gather for lawsuits and out-of-court settlements should families take legal action. Active assailant readiness training can help lower the risks of these violent events from happening, thus reducing financial and legal liabilities.

Providing Critical Training to Communities

Due to these highly unpredictable occurrences, there is a huge demand for workplace violence training, all schools, businesses, and organizations must have a workplace violence awareness and response plan in place and offer adequate training to their communities, so they are ready to respond to any situation. This half-day course is for anyone who wants to teach work associates, teachers, friends, family, etc. how to act and react during an active shooter and/or workplace violence situation and how to maintain a safe environment. Click here to learn more about our S-CAT Active Shooter/Workplace Violence instructor course. Go to www.emrsafetyandhealth.com to see a full catalog of all of our S-CAT instructor courses, OSHA courses and American Heart Association courses.