Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT) OSHA and HIPAA For Healthcare Instructor Course

Since 1980, we have poured our knowledge and efforts into being the best stewards of human workplace safety. As such, we’ve lent our support to America’s health and safety workers long before the pandemic and well before the world deemed them “essential”. We’re inclined to argue that human safety is always essential.

We believe that a company’s safety, health and welfare measures should always be at the core of its business operations.  As such, we offer the Safety Compliance Awareness Trainer (S-CAT)  – OSHA and HIPAA for Healthcare Instructor Course to equip professionals across several industries with the knowledge needed to teach workplace safety. This certification will enable students to teach safety awareness for the following topics: OSHA for Healthcare, OSHA for Dentistry, HIPAA for Healthcare and N95 Respirators.

The OSHA for Healthcare portion is one of the most comprehensive in the course. It primarily covers various kinds of hazards in the workplace, e.g., electrical, fire, radiation, etc. This section also covers the hierarchy of hazard controls used to manage and neutralize threats. The fire hazard component delves into the differences between the five classes of fires that can occur in the workplace.

In addition, this course teaches its students about fire extinguisher maintenance (monthly and yearly inspections) and how to properly use the tool – especially the P.A.S.S. technique. Latter sections cover elements of lab safety such as sterilization and how to handle sharp equipment safely.

The OSHA for Dentistry section reiterates much of the same material as the OSHA for Healthcare module. Similarly, the Dentistry section also covers first aid, personal protective equipment (PPE) and how to curb the spread of both airborne and bloodborne pathogens. This module’s crucial element is the detail it goes into while outlining the various dental hazards that personnel must protect themselves and customers against.

The HIPAA Awareness for Healthcare portion covers HIPAA’s purpose and the act’s key features. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was created in 1996 with the aim of kickstarting and maintaining incremental healthcare reform. Throughout this module, students will learn the difference between privacy rules and security rules – both of which HIPAA protects to varying degrees. This section also gives guidelines on how to implement HIPAA compliance in the workplace – especially as it pertains to handling and disclosing patients’ protected health information.

The N95 Respirator section covers one the various forms of respirators and masks worn in compliance with OSHA regulations. During this module, students will learn how to properly put on a respirator and how to check for a proper fit. Students will also gain insight into how intensive the fit testing process is for these respirators. This module’s content will also cover respirator care, inspection, and storage – all of which play a major role in curbing the spread of airborne pathogens in the workplace.

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