Don’t Miss the EMR Safety and Health feature in the Manage HR Magazine.

December, 2022 (Manage HR Magazine) — EMR Safety and Health is proud to announce that they are featured in Manage HR Magazine for being the Top Corporate Online Training Company for 2022. This is a testament to the company’s dedication to employee safety and well-being and its commitment to providing top-of-the-line training. The training programs offered by EMR Safety and Health are comprehensive and tailored to each employee’s needs, ensuring that they receive the best quality online training available. “EMR’S country-wide network of over 1,800 instructors offers the high-quality training programs provided by AHA and OSHA.” (site)

The Manage HR article also highlighted EMR Safety and Health’s founder, Sherrie Wilson, who is a Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistics. Wilson is a passionate advocate for workplace safety and believes that safety training is essential to any modern organization. Wilson’s expertise has allowed EMR Safety and Health to provide a “tried and true approach to safety” (site) recognized by Manage HR Magazine. Wilson is instrumental in delivering the best training available and helping companies create healthier and safer workplaces.

“It is an honor for EMR Safety and Health to be recognized as the Top Corporate Online Training Company for 2022 by this esteemed publication. With the award, EMR Safety and Health has solidified its status as a dedicated online safety training provider,” said Wilson.

Manage HR magazine is a leading print and digital magazine that provides various insights on business and technology topics. They are a leader in providing best practices for all traditional HR responsibilities such as managing career development and job training, as well as handling work-site accidents.

 EMR Safety and Health is a trusted and respected leader in safety and health training. They are one of the largest American Heart Association training centers in the United States and are also recognized as OSHA-authorized training providers. EMR has a wide variety of safety and health programs to fit the needs of their clients, from on-site classes to online courses that are industry specific.

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